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Web based Pathology Learning By Dr Sujeet Kumar !!

PGMEE Pathology Course ! @ 500INR/user/1year

Steps for Subscription !

[1] Register at our website @ Click here to register !

[2] Complete your Payment @ Click here to Pay INR500


[1] Q bank Pathology 2000 Q (Including Image based Q) [ Android app for Q bank will be available from March 2017 Onwards. [ See Q bank categories in image above]

[2] Monthly Computer based tests of Pathology 50Q for Practice!

[3] Todays Special Section On website provides Daily three Q on display under the headings of Q of the day, Image Based Q of the day and Clinical Q of the day !

For Course Details Conact at Whatapp Here @ 7753933150

Join Our FACEBOOK Group @ Click Here !!

Contact Dr Sujeet Kumar @ Facebook Click here !!

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Screen Shot From Q bank

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These Q provide Detail Review of your response as how much tough it was ?


Meditutor Section Provide detail Notes of High Yield Points in Pathology By Dr Sujeet Kumar


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